PreInfo: SCOM2Nagios 1.3

The new version is released here:

The next release will address two feature requests:

  1. Possibility to change the hostname (you don’t use fqdn host names in nagios…)
  2. Possibility to use more than one service in nagios (you want to separate the alerts for dns and acitve directory)

I will try to solve both by using “processing instructions”. This instructions will use the scom alert as an input filter and the nagios alert as the object to manipulate.

This instructions are defined in a xml file:

<?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’ISO-8859-1′?>

scom: path (of monitoringobject), fullname (of monitoringobject), severity, state, name (of alert), description
nagios: text, host, service, state

contains, containsIgnoreCase, equals, equalIgnoreCase



<input field=”path” compare=”contains”>DNS</input>
<output field=”service”>DNS</output>

<input field=”state” compare=”equals”>255</input>
<output field=”text”>Everything is OK :-)</output>


What do you think about this feature?

The main code is ready. It even compiles without problems… Next step is testing – but currently I have no operations manager test system with a connected nagios…

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