SCOM2Nagios 1.2

Find the newest version on top of:

Attached is the new version of the SCOM2Nagios Connector.

There is just one small thing changed:

You can now define the OK message in config file. So no more german status messages in your nagios

And thanks to Thomas Karatzoglou we now have an english installation instruction in the file.

Download Link: SCOM2Nagios (254 downloads )

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31 Responses to SCOM2Nagios 1.2

  1. Tim Mcfadden says:


    Can you tell me how it communicates with Nagios? We use nagios for some of our unix monitoring and this might but cool to hook into our system. But I am curious about how it communicates with Nagios.

  2. Michael Wardlaw says:

    Hi Markus,

    Just to confirm, if we want to send status messages from Nagios to SCOM, we will need a different solution (such as QMX)?



    • markus says:

      Hi Michael,

      you are right. The alert flow is only in one direction: from scom to nagios. For the way back you need another connector. (and is more difficult because a real connector neeeds to create all objects from nagios in scom so that the alerts are bound to the source object)



  3. PoY says:

    Hi Markus,

    I would try your plugin for nagios… but If I try to download it, it seems that I must have a login to do it… but I can’t create account…
    Does it still available for free?
    Kindly Regards,

  4. PoY says:

    forget it.. I found my mistake…

  5. Ernest says:

    I am looking for a Nagios to SCOM connector and came accross your site.
    Can you please tell me is there a charge for this connector? and if so how much?
    how can I download please, as it says I have to be registered to download but cannot see a new user registration link?

    Thanks in advance

  6. basti78 says:


    I got some issues with the version 1.0 and 1.1 of your SCOM2NAGIOS connector on a Windows 2008 R2 server. So, I tried to download the version 1.2 according to the rule “always be up to date” before I go deeper into debugging. But this download is only avaible for members. Am I able to register myself? Sorry, I didn’t find the section, only for log in.

    Thanks in advance

  7. David Biot says:

    It is still not possible to download without logigng in and it is not possible to create an account.

  8. markus says:


    now I understand your problem. The link to the category was wrong. The current version is 1.4 and can be found here:


  9. patnerd says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to try out your SCOM-Nagios connector but I am getting the pbms people noted above i.e. its looking for registration. Your link in the post of 25/11/10 just goes back to this page.

    Can you pls help?

  10. markus says:

    Hi @patnerd ,

    the current version is 1.4. You can use this direct download link:

    You are welcome


  11. patnerd says:

    Hi MArkus,

    when we try to run this (from your install instructions, after the .NET install runs ok):

    Nagios-SCOMConnector.exe InstallConnector

    We get a “Windows Service Start Failure” dialog and this error in Application event log:

    “Service cannot be started. The service process could not connect to the service controller”

    So it seems to be trying to start the service? Even though you say NOT to start it yet??

    Any ideas to help?

    Many thanks


    • markus says:

      The Nagios-SCOMConnector.exe is a windows service. If you start it without the right parameter Windows will show this dialog window. You have run this command directly on a cmd.exe command window with administrative rights on your scom server? Can you see the connector in you scom console under administration…?

  12. patnerd says:

    Hi Markus,

    OK I just needed to use Run As on the DOS window in Server 2008 to get past that, even though I am a local admin on the server. Connector is installed and appears in the SCOM GUI now and seems to forward alerts OK. 2 questions:

    – when I forward an alert manually, it seems to send it repeatedly every 5 mins. Is this expected? Can it be configured? If I close the Alert, it sends the OK! Message just once.
    – On our Nagios setup, they use just hostname but I am sending FQDN from SCOM. Anyway to change that?

    Many thanks

  13. David says:

    Hi Markus,
    can you tell me how can i create the rule in Scom 2007 R2 for the connector Nagios2Scom work !!

    many Thanks

    Best Regards

  14. markus says:

    @Tim Mcfadden
    Hi Tim,

    you can find the rules in the SCOM (R2) console in Administration, Product Connectors, Internal Connectors. There you can search for Nagios Connector. In the properties in the lower pane you find the subscriptions and can add new ones.

    Good luck


  15. David says:

    Hi Markus,
    Thanks for your answer ,I have added the new one in Administration, Product Connectors, Internal Connectors but my connector doesn’t work.
    No alert from scom to nagios…..

    Thanks for your help.

    Best Regards

    • markus says:

      Are there no entries in the log file? Have you increased the logging to the maximum? Can you send me a log and the config to my email address? (on page “Impressum”)

  16. David says:

    Hi Markus,
    Thanks a lot for your help,I forget the file processing.xml to c:\scom2nagios directory
    it’s work now….

    Best Regards


  17. Marko says:

    Hi Markus,

    we have the your connector install and configured. We can forward soem of our Alerts and it works fine. Now we want to forward all our messages to nagios. Normaly we have subscribers in Scom to do this. But i have no ideer how this work with the Nagios connector. Can you give me an example to do this

  18. markus says:

    Hi Marko,

    are you using the newest version (1.5)? The connector registers itself in scom. You can find it the mmc console in administration, connectors. In the context menu you can find the same wizard as in the subscription wizard.
    are you testing it with scom 2012?

    best regards


  19. Marko says:

    Hi Markus,

    i’am using the 1.5 Version. In the Administration i can’t find the connector? But when i go to one of our Alerts i have the possibility to right click and than choose forward here i can see nagios connector.

    I’am using 2007 R2 SCOM. You wrote i must see the connector in the Administration Window. Must i see here a separate piont Scom connector?

    best regards

  20. markus says:

    I will try to open my test System tomorrow and create screenshot


  21. Marko says:

    Hi Markus,

    thank you very much for your Support.

    best regards


  22. Rajade says:

    hi everybody,
    i have one question.
    One off my customer have mom for monitoring all his infrastructure.
    Is it possible to export from mom to nagios ? like scom2nagios ?

    • markus says:


      this question is quite common. The monitoring model between nagios and scom is very different. Nagios is more or less based on a text file with a hierarchical model. SCOM is based on an (dynamic) object model. The transformation between an object model to an flat model is simple (and can be done with my program). The other way around is not so simple. I have it on my roadmap but I am not very optimistic if I will succeed in this century

      Best regards


  23. Shiraz Ahmad says:

    Hi Markus,

    I have a 2012 SCOM server and have followed the instructions for install. The ports are open to connect from SCOM to Nagios server, however on Nagios it does not receive any alerts. Even when I send from Alerts menu to forward alerts to Nagios Connector. Nothing is shown on Nagios. I have verified all config settings and the ncsa config file. Thoughts?

  24. Karen says:

    Is this SCOM2Nagios supported on SCOM 2016?

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