OpsMgr: Neue Management Packs seit Ende April

Neue Management Packs im Zeitraum zwischen 21.04.2013 und 30.05.2013

Eine erwähnenswerte Änderung ist das Update vom OS Management Pack mit folgenden Änderungen:

  • Fixed a bug in Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.Monitoring.mp where the performance information for Processor was not getting collected.
  • Made monitoring of Cluster Shared Volume consistent with monitoring of Logical Disks by adding performance collection rules. (Cluster Shared Volume – Free space / MB,Cluster Shared Volume – Total size / MB,Cluster Shared Volume – Free space / %,Cluster Disk – Total size / MB,Cluster Disk – Free space / MB,Cluster Disk – Free space / %)
  • Fixed bug in Microsoft.Windows.Server.ClusterSharedVolumeMonitoring.mp where the Cluster disks running on Windows Server 2008 (non R2) were not discovered.
  • Fixed bug ‘Cluster Disk Free Space Percent’ and Cluster Disk Free Space MB’ monitors generate alerts with bad descriptions when the volume label of a cluster disk is empty.
  • Added feature to raise event when NTLM requests time out and customers are unable to use mailboxes, outlook stops responding, due to the low default value for Max Concurrent API registry Key (HLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters) , which is a ceiling for the maximum NTLM or Kerberos PAC password validations a server can take care of at a time. It uses the Netlogon performance counter to check for the issue.


Dokumentation für das AD CA MP:

Dokumentation für das OS MP:

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